Our company specializes in the production of non refillable butane gas cartridges of 190gr and 500gr.

Each production process is carried out in a separate building in our installations under strict national rules from the Ministry of Industry that awarded us the license OGRPV 2029/09, the European Union Regulations as set out in the directive EN417/92 as well as the norms imposed by the ISO 9001 certification agency. All our cartridges are fitted with a no leak internal valve for extra safety.


According to our Customer needs and the quantity order we can produce their own brand name and color scheme in cooperation with our graphics department. Furthermore the butane gas cartridges can either be packed in boxes on 36 pieces or boxes of 48 pieces per box for the 190 gr cartridges and in boxes of 12 for the 500 gr ones.


We have very tight relations with the world’s largest steel mills to ensure the steady flow of tin plates and the continuous quality checks of our raw materials. The whole production process is done in-house so that vigorous tests are carried out to ensure the strength and the elasticity of the metal of the body and the bottom of the cartridges with an added safety precaution the application of a rubber rim to the bottom of the cartridges to ensure that no leaks will ever occur.



The filling of the gas bulbs is done with the highest quality of Butane gas that can be found in the Greek market and each cartridge is individually checked before being packed for leakages and electronically weighted.


Standardization: En 417
Diameter:86.6 mm
Height:90.5 mm
Fat husk:0.30 mm
Fat bottom:0.41 mm
Capacity:190 gr.
Content: Butane
Temperature of operation: Ts= -25*c until +50*c
Test pressure:6 bar